The viewpoints of people like Nature Abhors Homosexuality and Nature Abhors Queers (are they the same person?), who are stuck in their narrow-minded view of the world. Their minds are not evolving as they are not open to new ideas.
Intelligent person: So, you're basically saying that all homosexuality is evil, perverted and a danger to children, and you didn't even give a reason?
Homophobe: It's just wrong.
Intelligent person: Why?
Homophobe: It's an evolutionary dead end. It's wrong because marriage is between a man and a woman and homosexuals are perverts and can't reproduce! They chose it, it's their fault.
Intelligent person: YOU'RE an evolutionary dead end...
Intelligent person: *walks away before they can be infuriated by any more alternative facts*
by mrsomebody1 January 28, 2018
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