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A Death Metal band originating from Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada

Evilosity was formed in January 2002
it was formed by Kyden McCormick and John Ryan soon introducing Kyle Parisien as the vocal department

later they added Isabelle Thomas as the bass player.
trying out several rhythm guitar players they had Dan McQuillan for a short period, but he chose to leave the band to persue other styles of music. It was later decided that Isabelle would no longer be in the band due to some personal problems between her and John.
They later recruited Scott Patterson as the bass player and he was in the band for a short while before there was some personal problems between Kyle and Scott.

Evilosity went on to write more material and play without a bass player for quite a while before recruiting Yue He on 2nd Guitar and Cory Bellis on bass guitar.
Kyden John and Kyle have decided that this is the best lineup evilosity has had over the years and hope to keep it this way for years to come.
1:"Evilosity is playing tonight... are you going?" "fuck yeah man Evilosity Kicks ASS!!!"

2:"have you heard Evilosity's new songs lately? they're brutal"
by INTENSE EVILOSITY FAN December 07, 2007
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