A tape backup robot made by Sun Microsystems. The evil tape robot was created with the intention of backing up large amount of data for protection. However because of the free will directive the evil tape robot started to only back the data it wanted to. Office workers soon became aware of this and started to ask questions as to why the evil tape robot was not backing up the important stuff. That’s when people found that evil tape robot had a laser gun for and arm and It made no qualms about laserblasting office workers in the face. The evil tape robot also comes with a Datacenter Defense Directive. It will automatically defend you data center against a large force of ninjas and/or armed Georgina separatists. (Available in 2 colors).
Office Worker : “What do you mean you lost my emails”
Evil Tape Robot: “…laserblast to the face
by JimboCo April 19, 2007