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When you feel that all days are merging into the same day.
When you can't feel yourself in those days much anymore.
When it's time to look inside, to make the changes you need, to get your self out of the doldrum of life.
Dude: Everydaydom, bro, that's where it's at.
Bro: I'm kinda bored with everydaydom. I've gotten to the point where I feel I've been going around in circles for years now, and I haven't felt much change occurring.
Dude: Ahhhhhh. That's deep Bro.

Bro: Have you ever felt that feeling that you've been here many times before, yet are unable to get out of that reoccurring dream?

Dude: Yeah, but there are cheerleaders in mine.

Bro: Why don't I get the cheerleaders? In all realness, I think everydaydom blows! So, sayonara Dude, I'm going to find myself a nice log cabin on a lake and stay there until I understand who and what I'm meant to do here.
Dude: Godspeed Bro!
by SoulTherapy June 16, 2017
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