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A person that can be VERY annoying. Even though he is like that, he is pretty chill. If you meet an evance, probably punch him in the face if you don't want to be his friend.
Yo evance be annoying BRAH!
by pillowsock18 January 05, 2014
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He is one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. He's hot, funny, handsome, very outgoing and kind guy. He is trustworthy and such a great listener. He is a kind of guy who knows how to mark his territory with his girls( physically, emotionally and sexually) , good kisser, i can bet my life, he's fucking great in bed. He can get super moody at times but when he's in a great mood, you wouldn't want to be far from him.
Gloe: "Girl, im dating an Evance!"
Amanda: "Wow, girl, you are luckyyy!!"
by xoxo.soullove September 10, 2016
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