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Also called neo-happy hardcore. What hardcore may evolve into as an early 2010s backlash against darkcore.

Hardcore music consisting of ridiculously sentimental lyrics, piano riffs make a return, increasingly higher and higher notes make their way onto the track and the beat regularly exceeds 200bpm.
(to booming beats) 'A million shining rainbows light the sky' (piano riffs) ' A palette of spectral colours and they're mine' (more piano riffs) ' Stick out your danicing tongue lets dine dine dine.'

Raver 1:- (not on drugs) ' Christ, the hardcore at HTID41 is a bit mad!

Raver 2:- (on several Es) 'I love it! I love you! I love life! GIZZA HUG! EUPHORICORE!'
by mids99 September 26, 2009
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