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One of the most famous babies to appear on network television commercials. The etrade baby made his debut in a Super Bowl commercial for etrade. By 2009, there are several different etrade commercials featuring the etrade baby. There are several etrade baby parodies on youtube as well.
Interviewer: So what in the world made you decide to invest in markets?
Etrade Baby: A lot of people are like, aren't you too young to invest in markets. I mean A, don't worry about it, you know I just look young, I mean you don't know how old I am; and B, I use Etrade, so check it. Click, I just bought stock, you just saw me buy stock, no big deal, I mean you know, if I can do it, you can do... oouuggghhh-uuhhh... whoa.
Interviewer: That is very nice. Now I'm wondering where you see yourself in 10 years from now.
by EtradeBaby May 25, 2009
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