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A school full of depressed kids that hide their emotions with memes.

No one there really likes each other and all the students call one another trash but they all come together under the powerful force of eagle pride.
Remember that girl that put her hair up into a ponytail before fighting that other girl? They went to Etiwanda high school.
by Dayleem June 11, 2018
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A school that is full of bad ass kids who love fighting rather than working out their problems. Only school in history to have 7 fights go down all over campus in the course of 4 minutes.😥😂
-Damn bro, did u hear about etiwanda high school? They are wild asf man.
-whatcha mean bro?
-dude on Oct. 24 it was national beat ass day. Shit going down in history
-what do u mean its national week of kindness u tripping
-I know it is but they must not. They had 7 fights go down all over campus in like 5 minutes. There werent enough security guards to handle that shit and one of them got bodyslammed😂
-damn bro fr?
-hell yea man
-that's wild
-watch that shit end up on the news
-I wouldn't be surprised if it did
by Eagle news network October 25, 2018
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