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A description of an individual that only participates in on-line or video sports
That kid is hooked on video football. He is a real ethlete
by pk20b August 07, 2008
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Etymology: A portmanteau of electronic and athlete.
Pronunciation: ˈēth-ˌlēt or ˈē-thə-ˌlēt\ (the second pronunciation emphasizes "leet")

A skilled, trained, or professional video game player. Used in the same context athlete might be used, including further portmanteaus.
Jeremy, from Pure Pwnage, is extremely e-thletic.

"Dude, I hurt my foot playing the bass pedal on Rock Band."
"Looks like a bad case of e-thlete's foot, I'll call John Madden."
by Matt Zha June 13, 2009
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