The name given to a very select few women, not girls who are exceptionally smart, women of character and with the will power to move mountains. They are not the type of women defined by the flock or another fish in the sea. They are the type that do not move around in the sea, but the sea moves around them. They are incredibly talented and achieve success at great heights with all-rounded self development.

And last but not the least, they will almost always be the most beautiful women in the room.

Brains, Beauty, Brawn
Person 1: Who's that beautiful girl replacing the professor?
Person 2: I dont know, but wow she is such an Etasha!

Person 1: Etasha is going to be performing at the show tomorrow.

Person 2: Oh damn. She is so going to move the audience. I would pay anything to go see her.
by myswag1990 November 08, 2010
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