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The relation between a man and the children of his ex that she had after him. The man before the Baby Daddy, once the Baby starts to call him uncle.
Child: Uncle, uncle!
Mommy (tells the 1st Baby Daddy): Did you know my other kid calls you uncle?
Man: Yeah
Mommy: And you're OK with that?
Man: Yeah, as long as she doesn't call me daddy. I'm her Eskimo Uncle. You know cause we both past by the same Igloo once.
by Girls' Daddy January 13, 2015
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When your father has had sex with your friends mom, and your friend had came from the same hole making your friend your Eskimo Uncle while being Eskimo Brothers with your father.
Man 1: If you and your friend fuck the same girl, it makes you Eskimo Brothers. So if your dad fucks your friends mom does that make y’all cousins?

Man 2: Eskimo Brothers mean sharing the same hole, or passing by the same igloo. So it can’t turn into cousins.

Man 1: Hold up, I’m onto something.
Nooo.. Yor dad and friend would be Eskimo brothers making him your Eskimo Uncle!

This is how it was created.
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by PineappleMayne July 01, 2019
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