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The term escrachar is slang (lunfardo) used in Argentina as to mean taking a picture and braking the camera because she or he is so ugly (older meaning), hit a person in the face and make a mess of it, to cancel an event (concert, meeting). To make evident, to expose something or a person for what they really are as it is not know by the majority of people or the public at large (newer meaning). It is also used as when someone is caught red handed. The origin of the word apparently is the Italian word schiacciare to crush, to squeeze, to brake.
A group of militants kirchneristas tried to escrcharla (female third person of escrachar) during her TV show by saying"the oligarchs sit at your table". She answered " 42 years that I have done this show I never discriminated against anyone, all kind of people has sat at my table, rich, poor, white and blue color workers.." ( 1/11/2010)
by emilio gatti January 11, 2010
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