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Originates from the word "Escatanopolis"

1) A giant circular balloon consisting of sausage balloons put on top of an Icelandic tent.
2) A word used to evaluate someone's pronunciation.
3) An exclamation of shock/horror.
4) A replacement of an unknown lyric in a song.

Popadopolis was added on to the word in 2011, when an experienced camper discovered many different species of Escatanopolis, and decided to elongate the word to be used as the general, common word.
1) I love your new Escatanopolispopadopolis, especially the vibrant colours!
2) Can you say Escatanopolispopadopolis?
3) Escatanopolispopadopolis, the treehouse is falling down!
4) "We fight fire with fire in the Escatanopolis!" (Old use)
by Sarahthecreatorofwords November 23, 2014
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