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Phrase: Common to Plymouth, "ere bey" is frequently used as a greeting among those of a burberry inclination.

"Ere bey" can occasionally be difficult to understand as it sometimes elongated to last a good 20 seconds or so, with the "ere" reaching a pitch nearby dolphins in Plymouth Sound will cringe at.

The term is a form of chav janner, the language of Plymothian youths who think that text talk is an acceptable thing to use in an English exam.
Chav: "Eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeee bbeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy..."
You: "You what...?"

Chav 1: "Ere bey!"
Chav 2: "Ere, you goin' up One Stop 'n' get some White Ligh'nin'?"
Chav 1: "Nah bey, we's goin' up Oceana, in't."
by Chelbo May 13, 2008
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