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characterized by or showing a tendency to believe ones own talk as fact, talking it up.

C17: from Latin loquāx from loquī to speak

eˈquaciously adv
From loquacity, loˈquaciousness n

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e •qua•cious

(loʊˈkweɪ ʃəs)


talking or tending to believe talk, frivolous media, much or anything as fact; gullibility.

1660–70; < Latin loquāx, s. loquāc-, derivative of loquī to speak; see -acious

e•qua′cious•ly, adv.

e•qua′cious•ness, e•quac′i•ty (-ˈkwæs ɪ ti) n.

syn: See gullible and culpable
A culture characterized by its equatious citizens.

by Teague + August 06, 2016
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