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/ɛˈfi bə(ʊ) 'dʒi bɪz/ (eff-FEE-boh-GEE-bees)

noun (informal)

From the Greek “ephebophile”, meaning sexual predator;
and the Modern English “heebie jeebies”, meaning creeped out.

1. That audible shudder one gets when someone too old creeps onto someone too young for them, "To Catch a Predator" style.

2. A feeling of minor fright, anxiety, nervousness, apprehension, or "the willies", arising from an encounter with an "ephebophile".
30 year old man: "Whoa, those high school girls sure look old enough to date me. I would sure love to take them boot shopping."

Me: "...I have such a gargantuan case of the ephebo-jeebies right now."

My friends: "Inorite."

*group shudder*
by Bromofosho May 16, 2014
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