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n. an environmentalist who is so anal over the cause that he or she feels it it entirely ok to trample on the rights of others to enforce his beliefs.
Most of these morons are ultra-left liberal flakes with no career ambitions or direction, but still need to find ways to keep others down in a futile attempt to elevate themselves. Many are also PETA members and all have socialist agendas.
Enviro-nazi examples are everywhere, from the bicyclists who occasionally stage a rally to block major bridges in rush hour in a vain attempt to blackmail normal people into giving up their cars to the protesters who turn up in droves with signs and attitude whenever they get word that somebody somewhere intends to cut down a tree or drill for oil.
by Felix the aircraft engineer September 27, 2005
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Not to be confused with Enviromarxist, although one can be both an Enviromarxist and an Environazi.

Environazis believe that animals are the master race, and that mankind are inferior, cruel and violent creatures who have plagued the earth and seek to disrupt the perceived "natural order", in which animals reign supreme.
PETA is a prime example of an Environazi organization. While they claim to merely be for the "ethical" treatment of animals, in actuality this is just a cover up to hide their true intentions. They seek to impose Environazism on the world, which primarily consists of their final solution, in which the human race will be wiped out, and their loyal members are reincarnated as animals.
by Destroyer25 January 08, 2012
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A fundamentalist environmentalist who doesn't appreciate anything man made and in fact fights for the irrational preservation of things that have nothing to do with environmental health. also a general asshole with their views
My English teacher said that the environment is more important than human life and then yelled at someone who was saying his/her instead of the feminine pronouns!

-pfff what a environazi
by Profveuxauxmerde March 23, 2011
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