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An english prep is very different to an american 'prep'. In england the word 'prep' isn't used, there's no real catagory, but you can easily spot them.

Girls wear the likes of Pashminas&Scarfs, All saints belts, UGG boots, Benefit, too faced etc makeup. They shop at designer stores such as All saints, Harvey nichols, Harrods, Selfridges &co etc. They also go to non-designer stores such as TopShop, H&M, Zara, Miss Selfridges.

Guys wear white trainers, poped ralph lauren and lacoste polos, scarves, baggy expensive faded jeans, tanned, extreemly handsome hair, sometimes in mohikan thingies, or over face, or just wow.

They Attend private schools, have rich familys, flashy cars, and Dolly-bird mothers.
An English prep doesnt stick to one trend, it follows the latest fashions.
by Beckzx December 27, 2006
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english preps are not people who walk around wearing ugg boots and wearing A&F.
they are much like american preps they go to private school wear ralph lauren, lacoste and very ocasionly for the poorer preps jack wills.
they drive porches, range rovers etc.
you will never find one living in a divy area and most can be found in the countryside but if they live near london they are maninly in surrey around st gerorges hill. in london they live in mayfair westminster kensigton and chealsea and depening one thire parents jobs the city.
very well off people in england unlike america were anyone can be a prep. in england you have to be worth it to be an english prep.
by bobcatsmilly April 26, 2009
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