the wave of excessive bullshit that dominated everything during the fucking PC 90s, especially the second half. In 1993, ABC TV aired a special on angels, chiefly because New Age freaks decided that they believed in them. It gave "details" of supposed "encounters" with angels by people who wanted to make some easy money and their Warholian famous 15 minutes. Soon after that "prophecy" shows appeared on TV to fool the gullible and uninformed, and using superstitions, misread readings, scientifically unsound theories and outright lies. The angel fad didn't abate, CBS put out "Touched by an Angel" to feed the heat-of-the-moment sentiments, the up-to-that-point good country band Alabama put out the trend-chasing crap song "Angels Among Us", and angel pins and other angel-themed merchandise was sold. Cha-ching!. In 1996 Comet Hyakutake graced our skies with a spectacular showing. After that it happened again with the wonderful Comet Hale-Bopp. Many cults and sects appeared out from under the woodpile, and many people commited suicide en masse, particularly in the Order of the Solar Temple, Heaven's Gate and more. When the aforementioned comets came close to the Earth, much doom-saying was made and ignorance was rampant. One particular cult picked up it's tents and settled outside the city of Jerusalem to await the arrival of Jesus Christ. The comets gave an impetus for Hollywood to make some real crappy disaster-from-the-skies movies. Simply put, Jesus Christ didn't return (He will when He's ready to, not before and not when we predict it), and the universe kept on rolling.
TV, movies, the Internet, other forms of communication, clothing styles, music, culture, religion, and much more were affected by the trends of all the end-of-the-millenium bullshit that came out in the last decade of the 20th century. OK, Prince said "they say two thousand-zero-zero party over oops, out of time. So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999". But why did so many people have to take it all so literally? As we well know, it's 2007 and we're still here, for all it's worth. The end ain't gonna come until it's time for it.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 18, 2007
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