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The refuge of thrash and death-thrash fanboys from the 80's; typically hates 90's metal which they label "groove" metal/"post thrash" Their no. 1 object of hate is Pantera or Metallica or any commercially successful band from the 80's. A typical encyclopedia metallum imbecile abides by the following: anything that is fast, chaotic or technical or un-listenable is considered metal while anything that has any semblance of melody, variety or is not fast enough is considered not metal enough. Frankly, I don't understand why speed should be such a goddamn issue, I want feeling and excitement in my music, if you want speed, watch the Grand Prix for fuck's sake

a bunch of asswipes who cannot fathom why <insert name of obscure 80's band here> never made it big while Sepultura, Metallica are now fucking millionaires with mansions and sports cars
typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: Pantera's Far Beyond Driven is total shit, I give it 0%

me: You're wrong, FBD is such a godly album

typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: It has nothing but groove, it's not a real thrash album!

me: who cares? it's good music

typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: I tell you it sucks, it ain't worth shit.

me: can you name any songs from FBD aside from the obvious mtv shit (5 minutes alone, i'm broken) to illustrate your point that it's shit?

typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: Let me see...uh huh, uh huh, I guess I forgot the songs in there (embarrassed laugh)

me: you make me sick, how could you say it sucks when you haven't listened to the album in the first place you little shit?

typical Encyclopedia Metallum zombie: I guess it's because it's the "in" thing to hate on pantera...
by Ragnarok187 July 21, 2011
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