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Empathogenesis is a feeling of emotional closeness to others (and also to one's self) coupled with a breakdown of personal communication barriers. It also denotes a feeling of general well being and hopefulness about the present & the future, and the ability to appreciate others the increased emotional closeness makes personal contact quite rewarding.
Popular use of this term began with it's association with the effects of the recreational substance known as Ecstasy (methylenedioxymethylamphetamine), however, this has now branched out to encompass a wider, deeper lifestyle and thinking process. One which can extend to manifest in the everyday life of those with a greater awareness of themselves and those around them.

(paraphrased from both text contained in "the book of E" by Push & Mirielle Silcott. OMNIBUS PRESS, 2000; and personal experience/journey)
"People on MDMA report feeling a sense of empathogenesis. They are much more at ease talking to others and that any hang ups that one may have with regard to opening up to others may be reduced or even eliminated."

"in the years before they were married, tim and sally shared their lives with each other to such a degree that an incredible empathogenesis formed between them"
by Caine Mac April 16, 2006
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