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A professional who specializes in a system of therapy that involves treating the patient, often suffering from a personality disorder, with a dose of common-sensical advice aimed at adjusting said character flaws. This is usually done by questioning their motivations and career/financial goals while refraining from practicing negative reinforcement or punishment. Most patients resist and therefore continue down their current destructive path. Coined by Superfan Giovanni Giorgio on the Adam Carolla Show(1/17/13).
Adam Carolla: Hey Tara, when you screen the calls for tonight's Loveline, can you limit the suicide ones, please?

(Tara laughs while watching "The Simpsons" on TV)

Adam Carolla: HEY!! Let's focus. You've got a job to do. Now I was saying I'd like less-

Tara: You're not my boss!!

Adam Carolla: Whoa, someone's in desperate need of an emotional chiropractor.
by griffin_t_a January 24, 2013
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