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First of all, an average emo person weigh approximately 155lbs. that's pretty skinny and light. In order to activate emo-power bomb, first, one must be able to hang clean 185lbs, vertically bench press(135lbs.) the person 2 feet from your shoulders, and slam his/her back on the floor as hard as possible. Although emo-power bomb can be powerful, it can also be negate by a fat wiggling emo kid. Yes, emo-power bomb is considered a hate crime. This action is also considered unconstitutional.
Dumb Jock: Dude, it's an emo kid. What are you doing sitting on our lunch table.
Emo kid: I'm writing sad poetry.
Dumb Jock: Go Go Gadget emo-power bomb!(Emo kid quickly elevated above the dumb jock's shoulders)
Emo kid: Nooooooooo! (SLLLAAMMM right through the lunch table)
Dumb Jock: You just got pwn.
by BenchMax345 February 29, 2008
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