The sudden, spontaneous and intense expression of emotion.

Such expressions are typically unwelcome, way more than the recipient wanted to know and frequently ridiculed.

They can be used to garner attention such as in a social networking status updates (i.e. changing one's status to "I just don't understand why some people can't be trusted!!") and frequently are intended to portray one's self as a martyr.

Conduits for such rages may be social networking, MMORPGs, voice communications, chat rooms or forums.

Derivatives: emo rage quit, emo rage syndrome
John just had a total emo rage on Facebook, he changed his status to "I need to stop it all and stop feeling the way I am"

We were out in a gang when Shadow emo raged "all you fucking noobs are really starting to fucking piss me off you need to start fucking listening to my god damn orders and get your shit correct if you're going to be with me. If you can't do that I'll fucking start killing every last mother fucking one of you myself"

Player A - "I've played this game to long to give a fuck what you think. You're all a bunch of noobs, I've given everything to this and you all are shit. Do what I say or I'm fucking out of here with all my shit and we'll see where you fucking idiots are then."

Player B - "Zomg!! Emo rage!! STFU and QFT!"
by CroonerGuy March 4, 2010
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An affliction with causes unknown.

Symptoms include: hyperactive passive aggressive behavior, stunted one word responses to questions, cleaning sprees, increased world of warcraft use, silence.

The syndrome reignites every few months for a period of 7-10 days. Once that length of time is complete, it is followed by 2-3 days of extreme euphoria. It appears once this disease has infected a person, there is no cure.
Anan isn't coming out to dinner with us tonite. His emo rage syndrome has resurfaced.
by asdfhdfgje April 22, 2008
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A person with Emo Rage Syndrome that plays online games and takes them way to seriously.
Comstar from the Eve-Online corporation D.C.B is a huge Emo Raging Nerd who cannot control his own life and gets upset when he cannot control his online life either.
by kalphitte December 27, 2008
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