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1) ANY PUNK EMO BITCH who takes the definitions on urban dictionary. com seriously. 2) Anyone that cuts themselves and cries into their scarf in july. 3) Anyone who thinks anyone else gives a shit about what emo really is or where the fuck it comes from. no one cares... seriously.
average dude: emo people are pussies who can't get laid and cry about it while wearing a scarf in a heat wave and listening to DASHBOARD on their iPod while driving their FAGIO scooters around.

EMO PUNK BITCH: actually... thats not what emo is at all. dashboard is actually a scremo old school post modern fagcore, not real emo, which actually came about in the early 90's when some punk rocker's girlfriend cut his balls off and left him for a metal head, so he decided to cry about it and write a song.... no one fucking cares you emo twat.
by Joe Blowski September 03, 2006
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