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A pinata that already has cuts all over it, making candy very easy to spill out.
"Dude, I busted that pinata up good at Georgie's birthday"
"Bullshit, that was an emo pinata, a 3 year old could have broken it."
by Tommy from ukiah December 03, 2008
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A person or persons with dyed greasy looking black hair who wear skinny jeans and Ramones T-shirts despite the fact that they are not even old enough to remember the '80's. Said such persons are also known to listen to groups as A.F.I., and whine about how life is so hard despite the fact that mommy and daddy buy them everything when they want it, thus causing the rest of the working, none brain cell impaired world to want to beat them with a baseball bat pinata style until they see blood.
Johnny's tight black pants and greasy hair make him look like an emo pinata.
by Pandora the Hellish Fairy December 04, 2008
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A game you get led to after clicking the e on Google's "Who's the Cutest?" page. You can never win the game, only lose. You lose every time you think of the game. When you think of the game, you have to say aloud "I lose". Fore more info, find Google's "Who's the Cutest?" page.
"I lose."
"Wha- Oh, damn it! You reminded me of the Emo Pinata! I lose!"
by Emo Pinata; Defined. September 08, 2011
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