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A is for Alone; and always complaining how you are just that.

B is for Bracelets; but any wrist adornment will do.

C is for Crying.

D is for Dyed Black Hair.

E is for Emotion; and exaggerating every one you have.

F is for FLOORPUNCH!!!

G is for Glasses; preferably thick black rims.

H is for Heartbreak. boo hoo.

I is for the Intense Pain you feel from your unrequited love.

J is for Jilted Lover.

K is for Kissing; and whining about how you aren't doing it.

L is for Labeling yourself.

M is for Mood swings.

N is for Never having any friends who care about you.

O is for "Old Man Pants".

P is for "Picked Last in Gym Class"; and other cliches of the sort.

Q is for Questiong your self worth.

R is for Remembering the times when things were wonderful, and then crying about how much your life sucks.

S is for Sweaters.

T is for Thrift stores.

U is for Underdeveloped Muscles; because you have to be out of shape, one way or another, to be emo.

V is for Veganism.

W is for Whining about how everything is so terrible, and your parents that make six figures can't buy you the love that you want.

X is for X-Girlfriends, and talking about the pain that they bring you.

Y is for Your miserable existance.

Z is for Zooming in with your camera, because you're a photographer.
You wanna try being emo? Read the emo alphabet.
by Panic! At The Gay Bar March 25, 2006
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A is for Alone, emos are known for this, but sometimes its just to go free of problems and sway with the music.

B is for Band, many emos are in a garage band.

C is for caring. Emos arent afraid to show their emotions, and they say I love you and mean it. They are much more caring then the modern jock azz.

D is for delicate. Emos are the very rare type of boy that will give you a gentle kiss and be happy, rather then digging into the pants or bra.

E is for emotion, emos show them very well and don't hide them at all. You don't have to go through days to know their personality.

F is for fuckers, all of those people who call all emos 'Gay cutters' Get your facts straight kids.

G is for grand, emos are truly a grand sight for your eyes!

H is for heart. Amazing! Girls listen to this, most emos auctually have one! O_O

I is for intimate. Trust me, emos can be very intimate.

J is for 'Just another stereotype' They have many definitions and opinions, just like all of the other labels out there.

K is for Kiss, and may I mention, they are great at it!

L is for love. Not lust like other guys, but love.

M is for make-up. Some emos wear eyeliner and black nailpolish. This is not gay or bi. Its just hott. Get over yourselves people and accept the truth.

N is for Never. He never hugs to tight, he never walks away when you cry on his shoulder, he never presses you to do something for his pleasure.

O is for only you. If you date one of these rare boys, it is a rare occurence if they cheat.

P is for paper heart. It takes alot for one of these guys to trust a girl, if that girl hurts him, you can almost hear the shredder coming out.

Q is for quest. These boys know their goal in life, and they go toward it.

R is for rain. Rain plays a big part- often they write poems when it rains. Also, their beautiful hair looks perfect in the rain.

S is for she. There are also such a thing as emo girls, some people don't understand.

T is for true. Forget Rihanna and her songs for a moment people. Emos are very true, and loyal. Kindof like a trustworthy dog. O_o

U is for unknown. Most of the 'real emos' are unknown, as there are way too many posers out there.

V is for Vishue, and many other bands that you never heard of. These boys find the unknown, and they treasure it.

W is for Why. Why yet another label? And where. Where did it all start?

X is for XXX. Emos make a new much more modern and better definition for XXX.

Y is yum. Just... yum.

Z is for (as 'panic at the gay bar' said) Zooming in with their camera, because they are a talented photographer who always has the perfect balancing shots.
Person 1 (one of the many 'fuckers'): Oh my god! Look, that guy has shaggy hair! {aka 'emo' hair} He writes lame poetry and cuts his wrists and cries all the time.
Person 2: Dude, your stereotyping again...Read the emo alphabet...
Person 3: *runs up to 'emo' and joins many other girls* Ohmigawd! Your like, so like, totally hawt! Will you go out with me?
by UrNightmare *mwahahahaha* July 14, 2006
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A is for Angsty; always angsty, often without reason.

B is for Bangs; to cover their eyes in a rather stupid way, causing them to trip a lot.

C is for Clone; they are all alike.

D is for Define; they not only are emo, they must constantly define themselves as emo.

E is for Everybody; all the people who want to beat them up.

F is for Facebook; because they can't make friends in real life.

G is for "Guys"; because it just needs air quotes.

H is for Half Haircut; because they only pay for half which is why they have side bangs.

I is for I; because that is all they think about.

J is for Joyless, because they are determined to have no fun.

K is for Kitten; because they are equal to kittens in both stregnth and intellegence.

L is for Love: because they cry so much about it.

M is for; because otherwise they would have no friends.

N is for Nonconformist; because they are such nonconformists because they conform to the nonconformists.

O is for Overly Dramatic; because they can't stop whining.

P is for Poetry; it takes two emos to screw in a lightbulb, on to do it, and one to write a poem about it.

Q is for Quitters; because they are such experts.

R is for Razors; because their HD TVs are not big enough, so the solution is self-mutilation.

S is for Scars; up and down their arms.

T is for Tantrum; because the store was out of their favourite soy drink.

U is for Ugly; because most of them don't know they are, but all of them are.

V is for Virgin; no reason at all...

W is for Want; because no matter ho much they have, thay still want more.

X is for X-acto; they cut themselves to feeeeeel.

Y is for Youth; among many things wasted.

Z is for Zero, all the world wants and needs.
Dick: ...Want, X-acto, Youth, and Zero.
Jane: What was that song you were singing, Dick?
Dick: It is the emo alphabet, from our book "Emo With Dick and Jane."
by Melizzie March 27, 2008
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1. A moderately amusing joke on emos, although reinforcing pointless stereotypes.
2. An unskillfully concealed desperate attempt to get laid.
See other definitions for both examples of "emo alphabet".
by rsh August 27, 2006
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