When used as an adjective, emo generally refers to an individual who is either over-emotional or tends to exaggerate situations. For example, you may call someone emo for crying over something that really doesn't merit crying. However, it is good to use the word withcaution because it generally carries a negative connotation.
Girl: Nobody loves me, my friends aren't really my friends, nobody cares about me, I'm all alone, I'm always so caring of other people and no one cares about me, I'm so selfless!!!!....etc.

emo (adjective)
by Cyrus Vyle August 23, 2007
Somebody being emo is somebody who is overly emotional and melodramatic about situations that don't really warrant that, especially everyday life situations. These people tend to thrive on negative attention, and the phrase "misery loves company" really fits them to a 'T'. They may take an interest in your life or problems, but they will overly exaggerate your problems as well as an attempt to get you to commiserate with them on how miserable you have it also (when really it's not as bad as all that), just because they get high on misery. Misery and negative attention and melodrama is like a drug to emo people and they will do anything to get it. Often, talking to them can seem like they are parasitic. They may talk to you about your problems, but it feels like they are more interested in hyping your problems up, for them to get their "fix" of their melodrama drug, than they are truly interested in understanding your situation. These people will often make extreme statements, commonly about how depressed they are, and how they just don't know if they want to go on living, all over very silly situations and circumstances.
Me: How was your day?

Emo Person: OMG! You have no idea! This person was mean to me on facebook, and, and, I just don't even know anymore, some days I don't even want to keep on living. I ask myself why I'm even doing this.

Me: Well, I'm sorry someone was mean to you...

Emo Person: How was your day? *sniff*

Me: It was alright, my professor was kind of a jerk but other than that it was okay...

Emo Person: I'm soo sorry! OMG! I'm so sorry you professor was soo horrible to you! What is wrong with this world!!! I just don't even know anymore... Honestly, I wonder why I even keep on going anymore.... *cries*

Me: ...
Me: Um, yeah wow, you're really emo. Okay, I gotta go now... bye!

emo (adjective)
by Saramaira January 28, 2016