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Emmersyn is a beautiful sexy person who is always a happy positive person who would cheer up the whole world if she could. She is a very loud outgoing girl who makes friends instantly.she can get boys in just a matter of seconds. She acts as if she is very lazy and she can’t be bothered doing anything but actually she is a very sporty athletic girl. All the boys just fall head over heels for this fantastic Emmersyn she is smart and caring and also one of the most loving people I have ever met. Don’t forget the guys love an Emmersyn
by Jajdb March 06, 2018
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Emmersyn is an very athletic girl all boys fall head over heels for her so make sure you get there quickly boys. She acts lazy but she is definitely the most energetic, caring and positive girl. Many say when they meet an Emmersyn the find that she is very loud, outgoing, energetic and when she is angry or frustrated at someone or something she gets over it really easy and quickly. Unless you have given her reason to not get over it then you dead she is very tough. So boys get to her quickly don’t forgot Emmersyn’s are sexy. Xx
She’s such an Emmersyn!!
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