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an awesomely rad-tastical roleplaying character more commonly known as "ami". created by jackie on july 17th, 2005, and kickin' ass ever since.
can be found on the roleplaying legacy, SHUFFLED-CLOCKS, as one of the characters in the soap opera, SHUFFLED LIVES. well-known to those who are actually somewhat spiffeh, and if you DON'T know her you're a douchebag.
she grows up to become a model for victoria's secret, and manages to come up with the slogan "think pink", due to her alarmingly bright pink hair.
jackie: "HEY HEY BITCHEZZ. emily marie frost rocks yo' socks, mmkay?"
tara: "psshaw. YOU KNOW IT."
the eggman: "HUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL..."
by jackie ! August 09, 2008
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