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One of the martinez twins.

Just by his first name, emilio can be defined as a sex god, but he is way more than that.

He's a savage and a weirdo at the same time. But most people know him by his sexiness, and hotness.

He's incredibly cute and adorable in his videos that is making fans just wanna eat his face. He's also very expressful , but only his real fans can see that.

He and his brother have a very sexy plumpy lips, any girl in the world would be lucky to make out with him.
"Looking at Emilio Martinez' instagram makes me wanna finger myself!"

"Emilio Martinez is so freaking adorable that i just wanna eat his whole face"
by vennedy June 13, 2017
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Is one of the Martinez Twins.

He is the older one of them both. He has a brother called Ivan. Once, his brother told him that he was losing talent so he drove six hours away to wrap his brother's car pink like a Barbie car. He can be very funny but, adorable at the same time. If you ever see him text in a group chat on Instagram, you'll probably miss it. Surprisingly, he has more followers on Instagram than Ivan. Like how is that possible there twins?

"Emilio just made me pregnant."
"He is such a cute lil' bean!"

If you ever find out who wrote this, I'm on instagram :)
Emilio Martinez is so cute!
Emilio Martinez is my dad.
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by TREE GANG :) July 13, 2019
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