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a stand-by bint for when the missus has put you in the dog-house
pissed off 'er indoors last night, so i'm on the look-out for some emergency flaps
by Jamiehol February 16, 2004
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The side fasteners on a babies diaper/pamper is used here as Emergency Flaps. If your emergency flaps are about to blow, have blown or are stretching thin, basically means all hells going to break loose for a freak out, meltdown, you name it. It's the last straw, you have lost control if they've blown. You still have sanity if they are still intact.
"Dude, if this lady doesn't drive faster than 2MPH my emergency flaps are going to give."

"My emergency flaps blew, I was so pissed I had to leave."
by Kgarontee September 03, 2014
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