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Emberlyn, yeah she's amazing. She has great artistic abilities and has a great taste in friends. She never really has a boyfriend. But she's hot. She can be hilarious sometimes, or serious. She always tries to impress someone else, guy or girl, usually some guy. She loves to hang out with friends and she's not much of an asshole but if she has to be, she will be. She daydreams a lot, probably over some guy. If she cries it's usually about something that involves school or her parents. She's so beautiful though. Most guys don't know she is though, she tries to hide it and she doesn't know. But guys are gonna regret not being nice to her or even dating her. She'd do anything for her crush though, sometimes she might put her crush (a great friend) above other greater friends. She's amazing though! In high school, you'll regret not being nice to her... cause she's gonna have one smokin' ass. ;P
"I wish that me and Emberlyn were friends!"
"Yeah I heard she'd do anything for her friends."

"Dudes! Check out that ass!"
by That One Person September 08, 2015
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