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An embargment is a mutual agreement, an agreement between people or a group of people who have similar goals, needs and/or ends. Working towards a mutual agreement; they embark jointly on (a) venture that seeks to bring the goals to fruition and bring positivity along with the ideas.

Ultimatly its an agreement establish under positive conditions that respects all parties involved and at least considers those not in the said embargment.

Or if your into that brevity stuff:

A mutual agreement between two or more parties towards a shared goal; statement of intention to embark upon a mutually beneficial venture.
Upon review of the situation, we reached an embargment whereby all parties came out satisfied.

Five people all need to eat, sleep, and use the restroom. All these people have the tools that they can share to achieve their needs and they have the same goal of arriving at a place in the future. Through positive cooperation they all know what to do or they talk about what to do and reach an embargment that allows everyone to arrive happy and safe at the event.

Everyone gets to the party and has a good time.
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