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person- silent film/stage actress from 1912-1926. known for her beautiful features and amazing voice, she stared in many films with renowned actor, of both screen and stage, joseph a. jolley. it is rumored that this dynamic duo's love life was alive both on and off the camera.

verb- sexual position; in which the girl(usually on her knees) is bent over a bed, while her male partner is behind her doin' his business. similar to a 'jolley', but without the mystical animal.

adj- used to describe the awkward position you are in, when both you and your significant other are trying to be big spoon. usually leads to an awkward kiss, then a change of position.
'elsa grey is one of my favorite early american actresses. her and joseph j. were an amazing duo.'

'me and my girl were in such an elsa grey the other day.'
by mrjoej6969 February 07, 2011
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