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the highest international standard set from Feburuary 2012, this word was made from two world class renown comedians, Elise Dunsire and Zoe Peacock, These two maginificient ladies, won every international award and extremelly popular in the entertainment world. They have a range of dvd's if you would like to purchase, and tour dates are set on their website. They are two beautiful ladies who have achieved every high goal they possibly could.
awh damn today in my school report i was 3% off from getting an eloezolise

Oh woah your dress is so eloezolise

omg elise dunsire and zoe peacocks show was so eloezolise

eloezolise is the highest international standard there is its extremelly rare to get such a ranking

eloezolise Ive heard that elise dunsire and zoe peacock are two stunning beautiful such talented ladies and who are sex gods that is so eloezolise
by soccerfag1234 February 09, 2012
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