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Slang term used to describe the act of male ejaculation wherein the male`s penis is unable to reach and/or maintain a full erection,but is nonetheless capable of producing a normal,or near normal,ejaculatory episode.During an episode of "elephant sneeze" most men reported reaching normal/near-normal climax(orgasm) in conjunction with their ejaculation.A benign,transient side effect of normal male aging caused in part by decreased testosterone levels.Frequency of male partial erectile ejaculation seems confined to the mastubatory act with most men being symptom free while engaging in intercourse.-- "Elephant Sneeze" is similar to(but different from) the condition referred to as a

semi(sl) or a chubby(sl.) chiefly because both slang terms describe an intermittant phase in the male erection process wherein the penis is neither flacid nor completely turgid.
Example of Elephant Sneeze,Sneezing Elephant in patient`s medical record:Patient presents as normal,healthy 50 yr old white male,moderately obese,appearing alert and in good spirits.SOAP: Subjective:Patient complains of erectile difficulties stating "Doc,my wanger is not getting all the way normal hard.When I pleasure myself it`s the old "ELEPHANT SNEEZE" (sl. ejac. w/partial erection).

"Hey old fart,you only go half mast,I bet! You make the elephant sneeze whenever you beat off!"
by HosMan61 September 24, 2011
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