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A friendship that is defined by communication ONLY via electronic devices. i.e. AIM, facebook, myspace, text messages, etc.
*phone calls may be an occasional part of an electronic friendship, however they are very uncommon.

Electronic friendships are typically found among high school or college students, who may even attend the same high school or college, yet choose to ignore one another in passing. The conversation remains smooth and concise via electronic devices, however face-to-face contact of any sort proves that a real friendship is truly not a possibility, and the awkward moments never cease to exist.

*an intimate relationship comprising of cyber sex and text message sex is not does not fall under the category of electronic friendship.
Joanne: You and CarlyBeth have such an electronic friendship. Do you two ever actually hang out?

Olivia: Umm, I dunno, I guess we both have our own cliques and neither of us want to stray from the norm that has been created for us.... you know?

by rickeyg303 March 05, 2008
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