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Electrickin are a fringe group of human society who, for one reason or another, believe themselves to be the physical manifestation of physical forces, typically electricity, but including heat, gravity, air pressure, vapor pressure, and more. Related groups include Energians, who believe themselves as a function of a force, and Timkin/Timekin, people who think they are the physical embodiment of Time, which is not considered a physical force.

Electrickin often find themselves the subject of ridicule. A majority of the forces that they are physical manifestations of are used without the consent of that force and as such Electrickin Rape numbers exceed billions per second on average. Electrickin believe they are immune to this because as the physical manifestation they have demanded consent. Electrickins are typically hostile to those who raped their fellow brethren and as such they demand compensation. They often campaign for Allies that would remove themselves from electricity in an attempt to help slow down the rape numbers, which is incredibly sad as no Electrickin should ever be forced to bear witness or be raped.
John is an electrickin, he believes himself to be the physical manifestation of heat.
by anonymous430dirtydeeds May 19, 2017
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