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El Bonio, a 19th century Mexican bandit, was reknowned for his bloodthirsty and relentless lifelong conquest of pillaging and looting small settlements of their gold and women alongside his group of armed madmen known as "The El Locos".

El Bonio's trademark, which which he became so infamous, was to leave a Bonio dog biscuit, drenched in the blood of the village's latest new born and sellotape it to the underside of a chicken before mounting the chicken onto a large stone turntable in the centre of the village and then spun the device around until sunset.

El Bonio was captured by a group of vigelantes and then burned at the stake atop the place of many an execution: 'El Lugar de la Inconveniencia Eterna' - Translated to English meaning 'The Place of Eternal Inconvenience'.
by The Learned Historian May 08, 2004
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