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Eléisa (ee-lay-saw) written in Celtic, loosely translates to Alicia (a-lee-sha) Eléisa is a beautiful person inside and out, she posseses beauty, brains and a fine body. She loves to seduce others and also loves to flirt, it's in her nature. She is without a doubt great in bed. She is the life of the party, she loves life and is very courageous and friendly, loved by all. She is very popular on social media and out of social media. She always wants attention and your time. She is easy to love, she gets along well with others. She loves to cook and is the perfect type for you to take home to your mother. Her glowing smile and beautiful eyes can seduce anyone. She is a winner. She is diligent. Anyone would be lucky to say that they know an Eléisa.
Person 1: Hey! Did you see Eléisa today?
Person 2: Yeah I did! She smiled at me and I just melted.
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