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A sweet, loving and caring guy who you can so easily trust. Eizer is someone you know who will never let you down. He's the funniest person you can find, he's super smart, cheery, he's a good person. He's so cute and just perfect. He's beautiful inside and out, he's someone who understands pretty much everything you have to say. You can rant on and on about anything to him and he will just be there, listening to you. Eizer is very considerate and he's the sweetest guy out there. He's one in a million, and definitely irreplaceable. Once you get to know him, you won't ever regret making that decision.
Friend 1: Why are you so happy?

You: Oh, I'm just in a good mood. My best friend bought me flowers, he's so sweet! :')

Friend 1: That's so nice! Is he an Eizer?

You: Yeah, how do you know?

Friend 1: Eizer's are the bomb. Such gentlemen.
by monkeyy May 20, 2012
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