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Usually found at the Monastery nightclub (ie the "mono") in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD AUST, These people have embraced the comeback of eighties fashion with somewhat disturbing enthusiasim.
Could be described as a Jock with a twist (they like to think they look different to everyone else) But in actual fact, look like every other person in the club.
Fluro shirts, geometric patterns, headbands, massive sunnies etc etc. This extends to both women and men.
The emergence of the metrosexual culture in Australia, and for women the bimbo culture has produced the first wave of the eightiesretrometromonotrons.

Many of these people can be found on myspace, their profiles full of craaaaazy photos of themselves and their crauyyyzzze monotron pals (by craaayzzzee i mean, tongues poking out, crazy sideway and cross eyed looks into the camera etc etc) Photo's are taken in that fashion usually to depict how cool and individual they think they are.

Music of choice: all mainstream house, dance and electro Eg
Bodyrox – Yeah Yeah (D. Ramirez Vocal Remix)
Electrorock is becoming vastly popular within this particular group.

You will often hear a monotron saying phrases like, "dirty dirty trashbag" or "craaaaazy kids" Usually in reference to their fellow monotrons. Random is a very common word amongst the monotrons..."awww thats so raaaaaaaaannnndom" or "oh my god, your like so random"

Take a look next time at your next festival: (ie summerfieldayze, future music, parklife) Have a look around, if you think everyone looks different, congratulations you have made it, welcome to monotron status.
If you look around and see a pack of chopped kids rolling off their faces with massive retro sunglasses (covering the sattelite dishes of pupils), fluro headbands and shirts so atrocious that would wish you were born blind than set your eyes upon it again, take a sigh of relief, your ok.

"Man, whats wrong with the people in this place, everyone is off chops and look like tools", "yeh, eightiesretrometromonotrons, craaaaazye"
by glamournanna March 27, 2007
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