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one who sells his ego easily for

performance appraisal, referral bonus, employee of the month award, impressing seniors, avoiding corporate confrontations, better job position etc.

and is unperturbed by his behavior. An Egolo looks at such behaviour as a means of sustenance in his/her professional life.
when Saurabh rai, the intern looking for the manager's position manager, went into his angry boss's cabin,we were half expecting him to come up as chopped meat.But to our surprise both of them came out , happy and chuckling like chickens from the same coop or the same DNA strain.Saurabh had changed the outcome of this perturbing conundrum. The whispers were that to please his boss, saurabh had let out the egolo inside him, and the egolo never fails at this.
by RollerBallRohit July 16, 2011
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