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n. (proper)

name given to the invisible force that causes common sense to succumb to pride, especially in sports or competition.

in urban dictionary mythology, ego-monkey is the secret love-seed of limecat and clock spider before their tumultuous falling-out and ensuing rifting of the universe.

the only entity to ever repeatedly defeat ego-monkey is the one and only AwesomeTeam.
examples of the ego-monkey's power include:

1. (american football) a quarter-back throwing into double-coverage to show up the defense, usually after he has already been intercepted.

2. (soccer/football) a forward forcing a shot that he has little chance of putting on goal, let alone scoring, often passing up the simpler and more effective pass.

3. (golf) attempting to shoot out of the woods or past some other obstacle to offset the initial poor shot instead of a safety shot to at least get back into the field of play.

4. (chess) playing the position you want in your head instead of the one given to you on the board. often ego-monkey causes players to cling stubbornly to a desired strategy after its likelihood of bearing fruit on the board have left the game.


reggie ray: what the shit-fuck is wrong with jake, he totally threw that pass into double coverage...AGAIN...
austin: yep...looks like mr. "i-can't-stop-listening-to-that-ego-monkey-on-my-shoulder" can't...stop listening to that goddamn ego-monkey on his shoulder...
by anonymous survivor September 13, 2014
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