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To be fecally challenged. Descriptive of the unfortunate condition of constipation wherein the normally simple task of crowning the turtles head becomes a sisyphean struggle.
I'm sorry I can't copme to the phone right now, but I over indulged myself at the dukes buffet last night, I'm affraid I'm totally fucking egg bound

(HRH Answering machine)
by HPnSauce July 16, 2004
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The undesirable state of one's bowels which can arise if you don't get your 'five a day.'
Bob: Goddamn. It's 10.30pm and I've only had 2 apples and a banana today. That's only 3 portions of fresh fruit! Better get myself a couple of emergency satsumas.

Bob's mum : You'd better- or you'll get eggbound.
by Monty kicks ass August 25, 2006
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