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(ef-mob) More accurately, efmowbs, an acronym for "exercise for my own well being syndrome" which is a compulsive-reactive disorder of post twentieth century capitalism. Shortened in common use to alternate spelling "efmob," it is a coined noun meaning a person who suffers from such a disorder.

It is a psychic disorder or a reactive disorder (see Freud, reaction formations) to sustained work, stress or perfectionism. Chief risk factors include living in a sustained atmosphere of overwhelming stress, anxiety about self-support or achievement standards, chronic crisis orientiation, and lack of sleep.
Its primary symptoms include exercising for more than one-half hour at a time without mental pleasure, execising more frequently than twice a week without mental pleasure, exercising entire days to the detriment of work, family or parental obligations, or excessive exercising as the primary form of recreation, especially if done alone. This relates to other forms of self abuse engaged in secretly, such as alcoholism, drug use, excessive masturbation. The danger is one of psychological addiction wherein the abuser forms a disfunctional mental attachment to the activity as the sole form of stress reduction.
Ex. 1: She dumped him when she realized he was such an efmowb he couldn't skip his run to go to the funeral.

Ex. 2: Jane collapsed on the second day of Ride the Rockies; the hospital later told her she had efmowbs and needed medication for anxiety disorder.
by esya September 23, 2007
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