Eep op ork ah ah was Elroy's secret code... George (Jetson) swithched it with the song that Judy wanted to submit to the "win a date with Jet Screamer" contest. The code was way more romantac than Judy's creation. (... I wanna run barefoot through your jet black hair hair hair hair) and Eep Op Ork Ah ah means I love you.
"C'mon fly with me... up high with me! C'mon fly with me... Eep op ork means I love you................EEp Eep!
by Laurie Jetson April 2, 2004
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Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah!" - Silly sounding rock and roll song performed on episode "A Date With Jet Screamer" of the cartoon series THE JETSONS/ABC/1962-64. On this particular tale, pop star "Jet Screamer" holds a contest and offers himself as first prize. Judy Jetson wants desperately to meet him and so she a writes a song for the contest. But her father George hates Jet Screamer and tampers with her song lyrics by using a funny sounding phrase "Eep Opp Ork" that his son Elroy uses to communicate in code with his friends. Luckily, Judy's song wins and Jet Screamer performs his new song "Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah!" to rave reviews at the Swivel Lounge where his TV show is taped. Actually, the phrase "Eep Opp Ork" (per Elroy) really means "Meet Me Tonight."
by Jet Screamer June 22, 2006
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... that means I love you! (From the Jetsons)
"eep op ork ah ah"
by Joe Bauer September 5, 2003
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The original Jetsons 78 speed single that I listened to a minumum of 25 times daily at age 5 (in 1963/64) said,
"eep op ork ah ah, that means you're the end."
"that means you're the end!"
by Judy Jetson March 15, 2004
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