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A guy that used to truely love a girl with all his heart. But let one little thing ruin his love for her. So he left her all jeart broken and sad. He began to be cruel and mean to her. And no matter how much she forgave him for no reason or tried to get him back he always pushed her awyay And she was fed up with it and began to cut herself and no one knew. She tried talking to him again. He still sidelined her. Soonly after that she committed suicide from depression. Eward Moreno is a cold hearted bastered who toys with girl's feelings.tried to love him but all he did was shove her away. She later then started to cut herself and he was to blind to see it. To see that she was hurt n he was the one causeing the pain. He never saw the look on her face. The look of what pain really feels like. She soonly committed suicide to end the miserable life she once lived in cause by Edward Moreno
Stay away from edward moreno, He let his once true love kill herself.
by raivyn June 17, 2014
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