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Edumati - a clique of educators operating at various span (K-12) public schools and given free rein and privilege by their districts over their fellow teachers and what courses these teachers are allowed to teach, in complete disregard of their seniority, experience, and education level because the Edumati control grant monies that are life-blood of these urban schools.

Background: For over two decades, I a small clique of teachers, who seem to have more power than the principal, have been vested with certain immunities and privileges that the rest of us did not have in the middle school: 1) infrequent evaluations. Some of have not been evaluated for 15 years or more, while middle school teachers are evaluated every three years or less; 2) Seniority. Their teaching positions are guaranteed and no teacher can "bump" them using seniority; and 3) Open positions. Positions are filled in secret. The Edumati can select teachers from outside the school and without input from the Principal.
The Edumati gets first pick, then you can teach whatever classes are left.
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